Mindy has been communicating with others via the internet in some way or another since 1991, when her family got their first computer and she discovered the Prodigy message boards. In 1996 she taught herself basic HTML to trick out her Geocities website(s). After Geocities came Livejournal, then Friendster and Myspace, and now Instagram, Facebook, and blogging. The best part about blogging and social media is connecting with like-minded people all over the world. You know what they say – it’s a small world after all!

Mindy started blogging at This Fairy Tale Life (formerly Budget Fairy Tale) in 2011 to document her Disneyland wedding planning and to also create a community and resource for other Disneyland Brides, something that she found to be seriously lacking within cyberspace. In just over a year, her Disneyland Brides Facebook group grew to nearly 100 members, proving that there was a niche community that needed to be served. Now This Fairy Tale Life shares Disneyland wedding news, travel recaps and tips, recipes, DIY projects, and random tidbits about Mindy’s “fairy tale” life. The site has reached over 100,000+ page views per month, 35,000+ followers on Pinterest, 12,000+ followers on Twitter, 4000+ fans on Facebook, and 18,000+ followers on Instagram.

Advertising is available, either stand-alone or as a package with social media ads. Please contact Mindy for rates.

In 2015, Mindy built and launched Married at Disneyland, a website intended to help future Disneyland brides, grooms, and their families easily find information about Disneyland weddings. Married at Disneyland compiles the best articles, photos, and videos depicting Disneyland weddings in one easy to use website. Married at Disneyland is completely crowd sourced, so if you know of an article that should be included on the site, please email Mindy at [email protected].

Mindy launched Fairy Tale Social (formerly Joy Social) – a Social Media Consulting business – in 2015 to teach content creators and business owners all about ethical influencer marketing. Mindy offers one-on-one consulting sessions in-person or via Skype, as well as hosting the occasional meet-up and free webinars.

In 2018 she launched her podcast Influencer Education, which has over 40 episodes and covers a wide array of influencer marketing topics. You can find Influencer Education on the major podcast platforms including Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Spotify. Please contact Mindy at [email protected] for a private consultation or podcast guest opportunities, and/or visit Fairy Tale Social to sign up for free social media tips.

Formerly Mindy was the Virtual Assistant and Social Media Consultant for wedding and lifestyle photographer White Rabbit Photo Boutique. She also has been the Social Media Manager for DIY Bride, Blog Trends and Your Wedding Muse.

Mindy lives in Burbank, CA (home of The Walt Disney Studios!) with her husband Tim and cats Vela and Conan. Other than Disney and weddings, she loves cupcakes, Hello Kitty, reality television, white wine, and yoga. She also loves reading nice emails from nice people. Say hello!